Coming in June

What We Grow

We grow a wide selection of seasonal produce beginning in June and ending mid-November.

Lettuce was the first crop we grew back in the 70’s and we have continued to emphasize the variety and beauty of this universal favorite. With over ten varieties of salad greens highlighting different colors, leaf shapes, and growing preferences, we offer many ways to go beyond iceberg!

We have created a  fresh Frog Holler Salad Mix that is unique to our farm, available only at our Farmer’s Market stall, and has attracted a legion of appreciative salad customers. With many of our creative lettuce selections, along with tastefully selected herbs and edible flowers, the flavor of this salad mix far surpasses anemic and weeks-old mixes you find in stores.

We also specialize in nutritious cooking greens such as kale, Swiss chard, and collards. Again, we like to offer interesting varieties, all with their unique and subtle differences. From the classic curly kale, to the nutrient-rich Tuscan kale and the heirloom Russian kale (“Raggedy Jack”), we can keep you well-fed and healthy right up until hard frosts in December. And don’t miss Rainbow Swiss Chard – almost too pretty to eat!

We were the first stall at the Farmer’s market to offer fresh basil and fresh arugula and have continued to expand our culinary herb selection since the early days when we handed out recipe cards for “pesto” when folks weren’t sure how to make it!

We have continued to expand our culinary herb varieties, including several unique basils, that are unusual and difficult to find elsewhere.

We grow almost every type of vegetable for our market stall (except usually not corn) and our tomato varieties stand out due to our emphasis on heirlooms that excel in flavor and appearance. Names like Brandywine, Pruden’s Purple, Black Krim, and Vintage Wine are just some examples that indicate the unique quality of these time-tested varieties.

We have mentioned just a few, but we pride ourselves on offering such a diverse selection of vegetables and herbs that we can fulfill your fresh local produce needs. We like to eat vegetables; we grow what we like to eat; and we are happy to share the bounty with our market customers!