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About our plant starts

With our background in restaurant and food preparation, we have always selected varieties that we think deliver the best flavor. And, since we grow our own seedlings for the fresh produce we sell, we also select varieties for best production in our climate. Folks with limited growing space will find varieties best suited to container gardening. With over forty years of growing experience, we love to help folks get their gardens off to a good start and are happy to offer advice and suggestions.

The first seedlings that we make available, usually in late April, are hardy, cool weather varieties, such as lettuce, greens, onions, cole crops, and some herbs. These are all varieties that can withstand some frost in the more volatile early spring growing conditions.

By early to mid-May we start offering the more tender crops such as tomatoes, peppers and basil – always with the admonition to watch the weather and be ready to cover! We also continue to supply the cool weather crops, since we start seedlings in several waves in our greenhouse, assuring that we always have seedlings for sale that are an optimum age for planting outside.

We started as a produce only farm, but one day when we had a few extra seedlings, we brought them to the Ann Arbor Farmers Market and were surprised how popular our organic garden starts were. Since then we have developed the seedling growing aspect of our operation and are gratified by the number of dedicated and appreciative gardeners that we have met, helped, and learned from through the years.