Seeking farm help for 2017

Second-generation organic farm managed by three brothers. Small but intensive, with 3 acres cultivated. We sell organic produce at the very busy Ann Arbor farmer's market. The crew size is 5-10 people. Our location is remote and beautiful; we own 100 acres of land under conservation.

About the job

Our crew consists of highly experienced farmers and those that are just starting. We sometimes work in groups but also individually. Must be available to work 40 hours per week and willing to be flexible with the demands of the season. We allow breaks and vacations as often as possible.

Experienced: Help oversee farming operation and farmer's market; train and lead crew members; keep records.
Inexperienced: Plant, weed, harvest; wash veggies; tend market stall.

Work is available from April to November. We provide all vegetables, food staples and a kitchen for our crew.

Skills Desired

Experienced: At least two full seasons of farming on a similar farm. Managerial experience a plus. Organized, patient, and committed. Enjoys working with people but can also work efficiently on their own.
Strong, hard worker. Able to work quickly while paying attention to detail. Eager to seek feedback and improve. Must be able to stay focused when working alone and willing to ask questions when the job is unclear.

Educational Opportunities

Our small scale allows each crew member to learn many aspects of running a farm. Many networking possibilities due to Ann Arbor's flourishing food and farm culture.


Experienced: $1200-$1500/month plus room and board.
Inexperienced: $800/month plus room and board.


Private RV trailer or shared rustic cabin. Wi-Fi in communal areas. Shared kitchen/bathroom/laundry.

Our help through the years

Marc, Mason, Nhin, Danielle, Stevie, Danny, Shane, Margy, Lisa. Holler Fest: too many helpers to name but Angie, Chrissy, Tacy, Eric, Rosie, Erin dished up some mighty fine vittles; Emily kept everything on track...again!

Angie, Tacy, Nhin, Mikki, Joe, Kate, Lisa. Holler Fest cooks: Angie, Chrissy, Tacy, Aidan, Eric with extra help from Cathy and Sarah and lots of awesome volunteers throughout the whole festival!


Kirstin, Colleen, Kim, Paul, Nhin, Angie, Kathryn, Beneice. Holler Fest cooks: Angie, Chrissy, Tacy, Aiden, Deana, Avner - cookin' up some fun and food! Holler Fest helpers: no Holler Fest without 'em - thanks and thanks and thanks again!


Kirstin, Colleen, Mia, Qiang, Erin, Natalie, Bretton. Holler Fest cooks: Angie, Chrissy, Aiden (they totally rocked), and thank you to bushels of Holler Fest helpers - we harvested another fantastic festival!

Kirstin, Bretton, Shannon, Samuel, Susan, Katie, Colleen. Holler Fest: it takes a village! Thanks everyone!!



Angie, Chrissy, Kirstin, Tacy, Emily, Evan, Elisabeth, Bretton, Chuck, Kyle, DJ
Holler Fest: Our dependable Holler Fest preparation crew! Tom Hi., Tom Hu., Scott, George, John. Thanks to everyone!


Angie, Kat, Dorothy, Julien, Chrissy, Kirstin, Chuck, Jenny, Leah, Kristie, Jennifer, Lindsay, Cat, Margy, Tom, Sandy, Cyrus, Adam. Holler Fest: Again, couldn't have done it without tons of help! Pre-Fest Super Helpers - Tom Hi., Tom Hu., Scott, George, John. Thanks to everyone!



Jana, Christina, Kristie, Erin, Angie, Elisabeth, Tom, Sandy, Margy, Marilyn, Mary, Woody, Laura, Kelsey, Eliza, Leah. Holler Fest: Lots and lots of great people! Thank you all!


Ken, Cathy, Billy, Kenny, Edwin, Tom, Sandy, Margy, Marilyn, Brian, Anne, Samantha, Silas, Elisabeth, Mary, Joan, Rich, John - thanks everyone! Holler Fest helpers - more than we can name, but we couldn't have done it without you - Many thanks!


Ken, Cathy, Billy, Kenny, Edwin, Tom, Sandy, Margy, Marilyn, Brian, Mark - Thanks everyone!
HOLLER FEST HELP - the whole darn neighborhood! Muchas Gracias!


Ken, Cathy, Billy, Kenny, Edwin, Tom, Sandy, Margy, Marilyn, Stas


Ken, Cathy, Billy, Kenny, Edwin, Anne, Tom, Sandy, Margy, Gail, Kristin, Evan, Brooke, Bretton



Ken, Cathy, Billy, Kenny, Edwin, Duncan, Paul, Herb, Jack, Amy, Todd, John and many many more.



Holler Fest 2016
August 26-28